We connect easily your security cameras to Hakoo and then secure remotely your properties, customers, staff, events an equipment whenever you want thanks to our artificial intelligence and our hypervisors.

Create your custom escalation, schedule your video surveillances and we’ll do the rest


We offer innovative, unique audio and video surveillance services.

Our flexible, digital solution is offered à la carte to handle your security needs anywhere in the world, whether for a business, individual, or institution.


new services

Choose the days, times, and locations to be monitored, based on your needs and desires. Pay only for the periods you use the service.

With artifical intelligence

Enjoy the benefits of powerful new technology, used in conjunction with human surveillance for even greater security.

Focused attention

For your peace of mind, each monitoring agent watches fewer than 10 cameras at the same time.

More privacy

Hakoo's monitoring agents have no information about your location (address/country of the monitored site).

More security

Your personal data is not stored or used. To us, that's an issue of freedom.