Our goal is to democratize security because it is a right, not a luxury

vision of

We don't see ourselves in any of the security models currently available on the market. They're too bulky and too expensive.


That is why we have decided to democratize the security market so that as many people as possible can enjoy true freedom of being.


Technology for good

Technology exists to help us improve our lives in today's world, and security is a part of that. That is the positive approach we take here at Hakoo.

Core values we believe in

All of our solutions are founded on principles of ethics, trust, and performance and are built around our five core values: Equity, Humanity, Intelligence, Agility, and Excellence.

Flexibility, versatility, and a quality experience

Adapting to anticipate and meet our clients' needs is our top priority. We provide a platform that is constantly improving, thanks to our imagination and our innovations.

Success stories
Entrepreneur in the construction industry
With the Hakoo video surveillance service, I am confident in the safety of my construction sites, and everything is completely confidential.